About Us

Allied Imex, Inc. is known for its experience in Seasonal, General Merchandise and House ware products. Located in Southern California, is serving the retailers and wholesaler in the entire United States as well as other countries in North and Central America. Allies Imex has a team of full time designers and numerous joint venture partnerships with certified manufactures. The hallmark of Allied Imex is its attention to the details and quality of products offered to its customers. Allied Imex works with top tier inspection companies such as SGS, Bureau of Veritas for product quality control along with ISO9001 approved manufacturing partners.

Allied Imex has established distribution channels and partners in the US, Canada and Mexico with 125 independent professionals.

We serve more than 1200 customers in North America. We are dedicated to our associates, partners and customers and have developed a great relationship with them.

We Simply Love What We Do!

Allied Group Facts:

•Established in 1990, Allied Imex Inc. is known for its expertise in Seasonal/General Merchandise and Houseware products.  We currently supply over 20 major retailers with items in 10 categories as private label.

•Located in Los Angeles, CA

•Allied Imex is the exclusive licensee of The Coleman Company for more than 100 items in 5 Categories in territories of USA, Canada and Mexico.

•We currently hold 14 joint ventures partnerships with top tier Asian manufacturers.


•To make a positive and profitable change to our licensing partners.

•To always be the leader in product innovation.


•Loyalty Develops Trust

•Trust Develops Long Term Relationship

•Long Term Relationship Develops Profit